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It Starts With One

by Deadbeat

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I hold the bat so I might as well be a swinger - I am close to clichés but this is an emergency. My body’s on the bed and so is hers. Girl, tell me where are your clothes? And where are mine? I know second hand ways to keep us warm and you’re first in line. Your name is on the tip of my tongue and soon your body will follow after. It swallowed my pride. If sex sells then how come it can’t buy me love? Anchors aweigh, straight through the gate. I’m a cannonball! Set ablaze with booze, how morals do decay. Now tell me what do you feel? Could it be love? If so there’s nothing more meaningless to me. Did we become empty like the ocean floor? Nothing ever grows here, love cannot be born. If there is more than lust then there’s more to life and I will seek You out tonight.
If it’s a war they want, then a warhorse I’ll get! - Embrace your destiny, this is a call out to you. Our world’s caught by the hands of hell but we’re too numb to tell. To those who share my blood, I need you to believe. To those that I call friends, I beg your eyes to see. This world’s caught by the hands of hell but don’t dread this is not over yet. The fearless rise, we’ll change the world tonight. His promise speaks to me, we’ll have the victory. Let’s dance out loud, stamp our feet to the ground. Let heaven’s roar be our beat, pour down the victory. Let it out, be it only a whisper. We were meant to be audacious as hell retreats so beautifully. Let it out be it only your whispering. We will sing with a champion’s heart beating. Victorious, all hell retreats, yeah. Embrace your destiny, don’t let it be left alone (we are the only hope). Look to the past and fight for the future. Embrace your destiny, this is a call out to you (He still believes in you). Send to the world to love without failure. There upon He died with you and me in mind but don’t dread hear the trumpet’s sound blast. We hold the victory so homeboys take it home and we stop at nothing now. This is our blood but their bones.
It’s my time to be honest, lock, stock and loaded barrel. Blow my guts in the wind, there’s no such thing as innocence. I have been made a devil, I bit that bullet just for you. Now the bridgework has been torn and my faith’s in ruins. I still lay my life on the line, this I’d do anytime for you. God, He dropped the beat in my heart but it’s you who makes it move, there you have the honest truth. It’s my time to be greater, to act in Alexander ways. Don’t depend on me, do have faith in me. I have been made a devil but I haven’t given up on grace. Can you memorize my eyes? They are still the same. They don’t believe but I believe I don’t this should be it, sing it again. They don’t believe but I believe I don’t this should be it. Will you, believe in me? I’m nowhere near Jesus, I’m unlike the King but will you believe in me? This bond is forever, forever a team. Will you believe in me? This bond is forever, forever a team. Try to understand, we are nowhere near the end.
If you are up to save the world tonight then I will stand, by your side. Life is the death of us all! Mad dog on the run, my bad habits got me married to the worst hangover. Kicking back like shooting guns. What to do with the time when you’re past twenty-five in life? Sweet, simple days, I was blessed with the best of naivety. Elemental teenage dreams, somewhere around sixteen. Pen on paper stories about girls I would never date. And now I’m still growing up fast but I’m breaking down faster. Here’s the law: every world at my feet puts the sky on my shoulders. Up all night, downing drinks to forget, soak back full packs to take off the edge. Violence, we are so violent, so narrow minded. Eyes locked on those easily undressed, the worst sex, can feel good if you need it. Violence, because we’re violent and we don’t mind it. Sweet, simple days, spending nights at my place like a family. Trading cards, press start! Rental videogames. A toast I’d like to make to our long forgotten innocent ways. Trigger off a bona fide desire to make something from nothing. God, what of these makeshift fantasies? I need something profound. I wish there was a way to get away with murder cause I could kill for some innocence.
Interlude 01:27
I’ve laid to waste her world and brought shame upon my kind. “These playboy looks are a charm, so conveniently concealing what is dirty and dark”. I’ve, let Hollywood in my heart and fell in love with her style of life. The lights, the hype, the need. You’ve slept in an artic room, I wasn’t there for you. There’s no rest my love, during the hour of wolves and this is all my fault. Punch drunk and zealous to go crazy. I’m painting the town red and black-out again. Avid looks, delighted dilated eyes as heaven wept for her. Selfishness, I’m letting my bliss become her bane. Callousness, I’ll do this over and over again. Soon I’ll be nothing better than the boys who let you down back then and I can’t live with that. I hold a wretched heart, like a time bomb to your dreams. You were the promise of my life, but the one I couldn’t keep. I’ve laid to waste her world, with a magnitude of 10. The kingdom we’ve created shattered by the consequences. In the end, I am as golden as I say but Robert Frost already knew that nothing gold can stay. You got the best of me, you did but the last I’ll get to give, is the worst you’ll ever get .You were the one I could not keep.
We said our goodbyes with Parkinson eyes, these trembling hands held yours that night. When you still believed it’s all in a dream. Cause we’re all dying in the next scene! OMG, we’re back at riding circles in a hearse. Once again it’s time to put you back into the earth (this won’t hurt). We’ve been through this so many times that it seems death becomes so scene. It’s tiring, so is “you’re dying” now. It’s not worth believing you’re dying now. She’s breaking like glasses on Saturday night, talking about herself all of the time. Ruining the mood (She’s all that you want, all you want to be gone, all you want to be gone). How could you become so discontent? Not wanting to see the life that ends in glory. She’s breaking, concrete versus a personality made of porcelain. It seems she’s ready to fall to the centre of attention, where she claims to belong. OMG, I can’t believe I fell for it again. There is nothing wrong with her, it’s all in her head (once again). We’ve been through this so many times that it seems your “death” means living for the scene. The pressure builds, it’s all routine here, she’s so easily fed to the fire. You don’t belong in this part of the scene, dear. Where it’s only about your attire. It’s all make believe, all that you call the scene is based on make believe.
Now run away, Armageddon is coming your way. I saw the sky approaching, life’s like Atlantis and sinking down. Into the cracks, to the point of no return. I’m standing by the gates and I need Your hands to pull me back once more. Don’t leave me standing here alone, show me Your face and I’ll find home. Show me there’s a dawn after every night. No fear can conquer me as long as I fight. Now it is our time, our time it is right now. Now run away, how can I escape this doomsday? What brought this curse upon my eyes? Please navigate beyond my sight. I’m standing by the gates until the darkness draws away. Take the anchor off my feet because I don’t want to sink into the sea. I don’t want to sink all the way down. As sirens sang to me, the coast began to clear. The rescuing draws near.
We were young when you and I were still best friends, had a band with not a gig to play. Nowadays we’re taking over every stage but without you this is not the same. Here I stand, this is where it gets heavy, everything we used to hate back then. Yes, I can say the intention may differ yet my eyes are looking out for Him. So keep your head up high! Keep your head up wherever this road may lead you, the one narrow will guide you home. Keep your head up and know I got your back my brother. When the world’s coming after you, we are more than a conqueror. So lift up your banners high. Raise ’em up my friend. Don’t be scared, now you know giants roam the land. Raise ’em up! We’ll be standing tall cause the bigger they are the harder they fall! I don’t need to front, cause you got my back and the kingdom is on our side. I don’t need to front cause you got my back and you know that I’d do the same. I don’t need to front and I got your back too. And I remember times we thought, we were close to giving up. But we’ve got faith in our very bones and it will move us on. To all of my brothers, this is our anthem! And we’ll sing out loud, till our lungs give out. Sing it all night through with a friend like you. Sing it all night long, stay forever young.



1. I hold the bat so I might as well be a swinger
2. If it’s a war they want, then a warhorse I’ll get!
3. Now I C Our Love Endured (if you stop, I’ll quit)
4. They told me I could be anything I wanted so I became a god
5. Interlude
6. I used to be a stripper so that’s where my booty poppin’ come from
7. I forgot about your name but can I call you annoying?
8. If I wasn’t amazed by grace, I’d be amazed by patience
9. I love you bro, no homo

Pssst...Heeyy, If you buy the physical CD there might be a bonus track on there somewhere.


released December 13, 2013

Produced & mixed by Martin Beusker
@ Mailmen Studio - www.mailmen.nl
Songs by Deadbeat © 2013
Bookings - info@deadbeat.nl
Tel. +31(0)6 4249 2400
Co-produced by Daan Klieverik
Lyrics by Donovan Pinontoan
Artwork by Peter Koelman


all rights reserved



Deadbeat Enschede, Netherlands

"A party has crashed your town and Deadbeat's riding the bandwagon".

Kijk ze gaan met hun aanstekelijke en energieke blend van metalcore en meezingers, gebracht met de swagger waar menig hiphopartiest jaloers op zou zijn. Even geen slonzige, langharige bende, maar vijf brokken sexual man chocolate in topconditie. How much can you handle? ... more

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